Top 5 Games Like PUBG Mobile For Android And IOS

There are different mobile games that seem to work with the same format as PUBG, here are some of the mobile alternatives that you can try comfortably.
The popular online game PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, better known as PUBG, is all the rage among the community of players and has broken numerous records during the previous year. Available for Android and iOS, PUBG Mobile is particularly known for its excellent functionality and optimization for all types of smartphones and tablets. However, this change in focus towards the mobile has meant a gradual decrease in the numbers of concurrent players for the full versions. The objective of the game is to survive on the battlefield without being killed and the last player who remains standing is the winner. There are different mobile games that seem to work with the same format as PUBG, here are some of the mobile alternatives that you can try comfortably.

Survival rules:
Rules of Survival takes the fun of games like the Battlefields of PlayerUnknown and takes them to the mobile space. If you want frantic and tactical action on your mobile phone, then it’s worth taking a look at the Survival Rules. In the game, you must face up to 120 opponents in intense PvP action, and this Survival Rules guide will help you get started in the game. You can play alone, which is against everyone. Duets, which are you and a teammate against other teams of two, and then squads, which confront you and three others against other teams of the same number. You can select which mode you want to play in the main menu, after choosing the server where you want to log in.

Free fire:
Free Fire – Battlegrounds is a third person shooter survival game in the form of Battle Royale. 50 players parachute to a remote island, where there is only one winner: the last man standing. Players freely choose the starting position, grab weapons and supplies to increase your chances of survival on the battlefield. The battlefield is reduced as time passes, forcing players to engage with each other in a tactical and diverse environment. Free Fire: Battlegrounds is the ultimate battle game with the most realistic graphics and easy-to-use controls.

Black survival:
If you like Battle Royale, The Hunger Games or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, you will definitely like Black Survival too! Black Survival is a PvP style game of Battle Royale with the latest image of ARCHBEARS. The description of the game in the store is as follows:

Black Survival is a survival game in real time, where you must survive by any means of the 10 competitors on a desert island. Make decisions of a fraction of a second with a single click! Immerse yourself in the fierce battle for survival; You do not have a second to spare! Search, create, attack and run!

Real survival:
A game from the creators of Rules of Survival. The similarities between the Rules and this one can not be canceled. The controls on the screen are intuitive and can be used without much difficulty. There is a safe circle that you must reach as the playing area shrinks over time. If he does not, he will suffer damages that will reduce his health and eventually lead to his death if he fails to reach the Safe Circle.

You can also play in additional modes, such as Fireworks Night, where you only have fireworks weapons to fight enemies. Occasional shield modes in which you get immunity against weapons for a short period of time.

Battle Royal Strike Survival:
Battle Ops Royal is a survival game fps. You can create your squadron and go to the battlefield. It is huge battlefield and still alive against enemies.

You can create your battle operations in the real room where 30 players can play with you. Enter the battlefield and get weapons. Show your skills Its true fps shooting action game.