The Best Android Apps & Games of 2018

It’s only December, but we’re getting there by the end of 2018. That means it’s time to look back on the year it was, and Google is starting the month with a list of the best Android apps of the year. From educational to entertaining, these are the best Android apps on Google Play.

Topping the list is Drops, a language learning application that deals with visual elements. Instead of providing lists of vocabulary to memorize, Drops uses minimalist images and games to teach you new words. The lessons are five quick minutes and we encourage you to return every day to form a daily learning habit. If you wanted to learn a new language, this free application (with ads, or $ 6 to $ 10 per month) will help. Drops is a popular application with over one million downloads, but Google also selected some hidden gems, such as Learn Spanish with Lirica. It is a language learning application that takes a very different approach with lessons created around song lyrics.

A large part of the list is dedicated to education and personal improvement, something that mobile applications can really help by putting the tools you need in your pocket. Your smartphone can teach you how to program with Mimo, help you start a meditation habit with a 10% happier or get fit with Keep Trainer. All these applications guide you through learning and building healthy habits, either to improve your body or your brain.

But you do not always want your applications to make your brain work, sometimes you want them to do the job of keeping you productive and organized. Among the most useful applications of 2018 are:

Sift, a price observer who saves money and looks for price drops in the products he has bought so he can get refunds
Notions, a super useful organizational tool that makes your notes, tasks and calendars easy to find on all your devices
Canva, a graphics design tool that helps convert your photos into everything from Instagram collages to party invitations.

And we can not leave out the entertainment. The actual battle of the PUBG Mobile fight was crowned as Google’s game of the year, as well as the favorite game of fans of the year. But mobile games are not just fights, Google highlights games for everyone. The ever popular simulation of life The Sims Mobile was announced as the best casual game, and the most innovative games like the Umiro puzzle and the mystery story Murder in the Alps also received winks.

This just scratches the surface of the best apps of 2018, so if you’re looking to build your collection of apps with some of the best, take a look at the complete list of applications, games and favorites of Google fans.