The 10 coolest mobile games we saw at GDC 2019

The developers of PCs and consoles exhibited their AAA games in giant stalls of Microsoft, Sony, Epic Games and others in the exhibition hall in this week’s Game Developer Conference. In order not to be left out, casual games for mobile devices also played a key role in GDC.

We found a cube of attractive games that have just been sent or are about to be. These 10 were our favorites.


A game just for iOS that will launch this year, Sky is a captivating social adventure game in which you fly through a desolate kingdom of heaven and try to restore it through compassion. It is produced by That Game Company, the studio that produced the award-winning Journey. The impressive Sky offers a positive message and is meant to be played with friends and family.


While it looks like a cooking game in which you rush to prepare a feast before your guests arrive to celebrate Tet, the Vietnamese New Year, the game Tet, by the Swiss developer Charlotte Broccard, which is half Vietnamese, is also about to recover an inheritance from the family.


From Raincrow Studios, Covens is a game based on the location available on Android now, with an iOS version coming soon. You play like a witch and move through the real world map capturing spirits, claiming places of power and fighting against other players in real time.


A game based on chat with a steampunk feeling, this French mobile game for Android and iOS takes you to an alternate past where you play as one of the three characters and unravel why Nikola Tesla’s greatest discovery never came to your time.

Moment Mila

Based on an animated short, Mila, about a girl who is experiencing World War II, Mila Moment is an interactive mobile game available to pre-order from MomentSQ. Play as Mila and discover the events of her adventurous life, from a 16-year-old girl in her village in Italy during the war to the present day.


Ava is an interactive game created like a fairytale book, in which you turn the pages and solve the puzzles in the images to advance. As you solve puzzles, you also collect cards that may be useful later in the game.