Smartphone video game players, you are good to go with these accessories

Hold your smartphone with a PopSocket ($ 10-up) on the back: ideal for mobile players who use a wireless controller to play. (Photo: PopSockets LLC)

Whether you like console games on a TV or computer games on a PC, it is very common to buy some peripherals to improve your experience.

From game controllers and headset microphones to high-speed mice and keyboards, there is no shortage of accessories to improve playtime at home.

But what about the add-ons for players on the move?

They also exist. Some are specific to mobile games, such as specially designed controllers, while more generic products, such as battery boosters and wireless headphones, are also ideal for the millions of people playing on smartphones and tablets.

Here we take a look at some worthy additions to elevate the fun of your mobile game.

Improve your video game grip

If you prefer to keep a controller similar to a console to slide on a touch screen, there are some options available, but you should know if it works with iOS (iPhone and iPad) or Android, since there is no overlap. And I recommend trying out your favorite games with a controller to make sure they work together before you buy them.

For Android (and Windows) players, the SteelSeries Stratus XL with Bluetooth capability ($ 39.99) is an affordable gamepad that feels great in your hands, and features multiple buttons, analog bars, pressure-sensitive triggers, buttons smooth and a multidirectional D. -pad – most of which are programmable. The battery life reaches 40 hours with its two AA batteries (included).

A sound addition for gamers

Just as George Lucas once said that sound is half the movie viewing experience, great audio can also increase the size of your game.

To listen privately, the Sony WH-1000XM3s ($ 349.99) are the company’s best noise-canceling headphones. Along with the superior sound quality of its 40mm crystal clear liquid crystal polymer drivers, these super-comfortable Bluetooth headphones enjoy a battery of up to 30 hours between charges and a fast charge feature that gives you 5 hours of playback from Only 10 minutes charge – plus there is a cable in the travel case (included) if you prefer a cable connection.

To optimize the noise canceling function, first press a button on the headphones to analyze the environment in which you are, such as an airplane. A “Quick Attention” feature will temporarily stop the noise cancellation if you want to talk to someone; just place your hand on the right earpiece (the microphone increases the sound nearby for you). The touch sensors in the handset allow you to control your melodies and calls by just swiping and touching.

Add memory for more, faster mobile games

You should not have to remove applications and games to make room for new content. Most Android phones allow you to expand storage, if you run out of space in the device’s internal memory.

For those who want a lot of storage and speed, the SanDisk Extreme microSD UHS-I memory cards are now available in capacities of 512GB ($ 199.99) and 1TB ($ 449.99). Yes, with the latter, we are talking about more than 1,000 gigabytes of storage, but the A2 specification of the card means super fast speeds.