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picsart apk

In this article we discus about PicsArt APK When it comes to image editors for Windows, it’s not just about Instagram and Photoshop. Both applications are examples of the most popular image tools and have millions of downloads and users, but this one is also quite interesting. However, it is much more similar to the social network of images than the Adobe program, since to be able to make a decent photo session it is necessary to be a teacher of that application.

It is possible that it is the best simple image editor available in Windows that suits any type of user that has no professional purposes, even ahead of the aforementioned Instagram, whose PC desktop version was not released too long ago. PicsArt apk Photo Studio is an all-in-one photo editor, collage creator, drawing tool and social network.

Photo editor with a social network

Yes, you read that right. We will also have access to a social network where we can publish and share with other users all our creativity when it comes to improving images. So it’s great to feed our ego with lots of likes and repetitions, but if you look at it from a creative point of view, it can help you find inspiration in the work done by other users, is not it?

picsart apk

Main features PicsArt apk

  • Photo editor with a wide range of effects and tools to edit photos.
  • Create collages with specific functions to do so.
  • Manual drawing tools.
  • Dozens of filters to be used.
  • Access to your social network of images.
  • Share photos with your friends.

And although it includes purchases in the application, the latter are totally optional. You can use the editor for free without any problem, and with all its most important functions. However, those purchases will allow you to expand the range of effects, filters and other available tools.

You can use it on your computer’s desktop, but you can also download the PicsArt APK file if you are an Android user or its corresponding version for iOS (either iPhone or iPad) or macOS, and you can synchronize all your creations in anything. devices that you usually use. Simply press our Download button and install the corresponding APPX file that will install the version of this software from the Windows Store.

Finally, to take full advantage of the main features of this tool, you have the opportunity to use guides or tutorials that explain how to improve photographs, adjust certain lighting parameters or create photographic compositions as a collage.

What’s new in the latest version

  • Now you can use drawing brushes straight in the editor.
  • New “Star Trail” Masks and VHS effects.
  • Image editing improvements.

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