Cast your vote for the best Android games released in 2018!

We started our 2018 application and voting games with a vote from fans of the best Android apps of 2018 last weekend. This weekend, we continue the fun with the best Android games of 2018. We are adopting a similar approach to our game vote as we did with the vote of our apps. We reduced a list of more than 120 possible competitors to only 20 and you can choose from there!

The Android games took an important step in 2018. We saw some really important name launches with PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, along with some new mobile game franchises that were previously outstanding. The list is varied and includes shooters, role-playing games, tower defense games, puzzle games, big crosses, and even a trivia game. This list is truly a representation of modern mobile games, from the release of HQ Trivia in the first second of 2018 to the predictably positive release of The Room: Old Sins. There were only a lot of great titles this year. Our criteria for this list include:

The game had to be from 2018 or the last weeks of 2017 because we cut it in December.
It had to be a totally new mobile game. For example, Distraint: Deluxe Edition was new in 2018 and also an exceptional game. However, it is a relaunch of a game of 2017.
Mobile ports are a complicated business. Some people do not like them and others do not care. We decided not to micromanage things here. They are right in the fight with all the other games within reason.
We take popularity into consideration but only as a consideration. Obviously, PUBG Mobile and Fortnite are extremely popular for a reason. On the other hand, freemium games get more downloads than premium games because they are a free download. Obviously we do not want a list of games with only 50 downloads. However, this is not just a list of the most popular freemium games of 2018 either.

This survey is massive as is our application survey. Make sure you get a good look before casting your vote! There are no special rules or anything like that. Just vote for the one you like the most! We have descriptions and basic links for each game below the survey if you want more information.

As promised, here is a brief description and link to all 20 games in the poll above:

The Odyssey of Alto – The Odyssey of Alto is a magnificent corridor of lateral displacement in 2D. The players ski downhill, make big jumps and collect small rings to unlock things. It remains within the archetype of the corridor. However, any given moment in this game is a screenshot worthy of a wallpaper. It is also a Zen Mode without coins, power-ups or score for a relaxing runner experience.

Asphalt 9: Legends – Asphalt 9: Legends is one of the most popular new arcade racing games of 2018. It has it all. That includes tons of content, unlockable cars, online multiplayer, above-average graphics and simple and fun controls. Their freemium elements are a bit annoying occasionally, but otherwise they are a solid runner.

Bloons TD 6: the last game of the tower’s popular defense series is as good as the previous five. It includes a lot of levels, a lot of towers, an excellent update system and is completely playable without connection. The defense of the tower is not as popular these days, but this title shows that there are still some great game releases, even in 2018.

Bridge Constructor Portal – Bridge Constructor Portal combines the mechanical fun of a Bridge Constructor game with the peculiar personality of a Portal game. The game features solid mechanics, a lot of Portal cameos, and even some Portal elements in the game. You also get achievements, hardware driver support and achievements. What’s not to like?

Cytus II: Cytus II is easily the best rhythm game release of 2018. Players use the touches, beats and other gestures to the rhythm of the music to survive the level and achieve a high score. The basic game includes a campaign mode with a story line, 35 songs and several frames of steps per song. You can buy additional tracks and step tables like DLC. The first Cytus game is also good.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition: Square Enix made a couple of excellent games this year, but we especially liked Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition. Follow the same story as the console and the PC version of the game. However, the graphics and mechanics of the game were changed for a simpler mobile experience. We consider it a step forward from a straight port. Square Enix also did Life is Strange, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, and Valkyrie Profile Lenneth. All notable mobile game releases.

Florence: Florence is a narrative game of life from the same development staff at Monument Valley 2. You play Florence, 25, and players navigate your life as you drive. He focuses mainly on his relationship with a man named Krish. The game is definitely something different from what we normally see, even if the genre itself is not too popular as a mobile game.

Fortnite: Fortnite is one of the two great releases of real shooters games of 2018. It mimics the console and PC version. The players fall on a battlefield, create several things, shoot the competitors and become the last person standing. The epic games go through a lot of unexplored territory with this, including a launch that is not from the Google Play Store. It is still a beta version, but it is improving all the time.

Friday the 13th – Friday the 13th is a bloody puzzle game for adults. Blue Wizard Digital launched the game on Friday the 13th and it was a beautiful day. The game features more than 100 levels, tons of pixelated blood, a PG mode for a less bloody experience, some minor RPG elements, and an offline game stand. Definitely not for everyone, but the style of animation helps to remove the edge of the blood.

HQ Trivia – HQ Trivia was, literally, the first new Android game of 2018. He ran his first test contest, literally moments after midnight on New Year. The addictive game is played as a real-life game and includes real cash prizes for the winners. The games are held every day at 9 PM EST and every day of the week at 3 PM EST. The game occasionally suffers from delay problems, but otherwise it’s a good time.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance: Kingdom Rush Vengeance is the last game of the venerable defense tower of the franchise. It uses many of the same mechanisms as the previous games, but it also includes fights against bosses, more towers, more heroes, a lot of new levels, offline support and new achievements. Like Bloons TD 6, this game serves as a reminder that tower defense games are alive and good for the mobile.

Monster Hunter Stories: Monster Hunter Stories is a port of the popular Nintendo 3DS game of the same name. It is a turn-based role-playing game with monster-picking mechanics. It’s not exactly the same as other Monster Hunter games, but the premise and the feeling are there. This is surprisingly expensive. However, Capcom released a free demo that also serves as a kind of prologue in the main game. We thought it was an absolutely great idea.

Part-time UFO: Part-time UFO is an adorable puzzle game for the developers of most Kirby games, as well as the first Super Smash Bros. You play as an alien who crashed on Earth. Players complete missions, unlock the customization team and enjoy the fun jokes between characters. Almost nobody hates this game.

Pocket City – Pocket City is a city construction simulator similar to SimCity. You build a city with several buildings, roads and businesses. Players collect money, fix the city after natural disasters and unlock new buildings and territories to build. It’s basically what the SimCity fans asked for, except it’s not really SimCity. The game also has offline support too.

PUBG Mobile: PUBG Mobile started operating in 2018. It could be said that it is the most popular game of the year and a good shooter to boot. It has the classic Battle Royale mechanics, a light version for low-end devices and decent graphics and controls. He and Fortnite redefined the mobile shooter in 2018 and we do not use that word lightly.

Reigns: Game of Thrones – Reigns: Game of Thrones is a surprisingly addictive mobile card game. Each card has a stage and the players slide to the left or to the right to make a decision. The decision may mean the end of your rule or the continuation of it. This also contains a lot of Game of Thrones characters and references for a greater entertainment value.

Returner 77 – Returner 77 is another great indie puzzle game. This takes place in a science fiction future in which humanity is almost annihilated by aliens. The players ascend the alien ship in the hope of saving humanity. The graphics are pretty good and the puzzles are fun and enjoyable. It also has a non-freemium experience and a decent story.

The Room: Old Sins – The Room: Old Sins is a shoo-in for this list. It is the fourth game in the best puzzle game franchise on mobile devices. The graphics are exceptional and the puzzles are fun and smart. This title also includes saved in the cloud, achievements and some other interesting ideas. It is also one of the few premium games with more than 100,000 downloads.

Rusty Lake Paradise – The Rusty Lake series is a long series of point-and-click adventure games similar to the old Tales Games titles. It presents a dark story, lots of fun puzzles and simple game mechanics. You really like this story more than any challenge, but it’s an entertaining narrative, so we do not care.

Shadowgun Legends – Shadowgun Legends is the long-awaited sequel to the popular shooting game for years. It features a science fiction theme, excellent graphics, a story mode, a cooperative mode and an online multiplayer mode. There is a lot of booty to collect, some elements of RPG mixed and a system of fame for online players. It is a great mobile launcher, even if other titles stole the show this year.

There were many other excellent mobile games of 2018. If we missed one that we think should be here, tell us in the comments! Of course, you can also see all our best apps and lists of Android games.