5 Best offline games for Android worth to play: Editor’s choice

Online games like PUBG are tremendously popular nowadays, however, it is very difficult to find internet everywhere. For example, if you go on a trip, you get stuck in traffic or during the trip, it is very difficult to find a WIFI connection or a persistent data connection. In such situations, if we want to kill our free time, offline games on smart phones would really be a blessing. So, right in this context, here are some of the best offline Android games that need to download only once and then one can play anywhere and anytime.

All the offline games mentioned below are proclaimed as the Google Play Editor option.
Knight of the soul

The offline game of Soul Knight is an artillery adventure full of action. It has dungeons that one needs to explore to collect or unlock crazy weapons while at the same time you also need to save yourself; From bullets and shots. The retro soundtrack of the knight of the soul acts as a warmonger for the players.
It has more than 170 weapons, different heroes with unique abilities, retro dungeons and many more.


Paper Wings

If you are looking for a game to give your children that is easy to learn and play, in addition to increasing the level of concentration, then the paper wings would be the only one. Not only children, even adults can play for hours without getting bored. In the game, we have to catch all the coins that fall from above with the help of a paper bird and the more we catch all the coins, the longer the bird’s life will be. In addition to offline mode, Paper Wings also supports online multimode game mode.

It has more than 30 species of birds, daily challenges, 4 different game scenarios and multiplayer online mode.

Adventure Llama

The Adventure Llama is the Indiana Jones broker and adventure style game. We do not need several fingers to play this game, as it is only a one-touch game with short levels of emotion. While in fact all the flames just sit and graze, the Flame Adventure is different, runs madly inside the temple to collect different artifacts. It can be considered somewhere as Temple Runner.

It features jumping, racing and puzzle solving; touch jump, cool levels, plus a new bright endless mode.

Space Marshals 2

Are you a fan of shooting or combat games? Then this off-line tactical action and combat game could definitely be your partner killing time on the phone. It consists of mission 20 that must be fulfilled in a narrative environment in the Wild West style. More than 70 types of weapons are released during the game, such as grenades, unmanned aircraft, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, crossbows and more.

The player will not get bored during the game because it has a top-down tactical trigger, beautiful HD graphics, 70 different weapons, double-lever controls; It is also compatible with the Gamepad controller and the wonderful thing is that we also have support for saving games in the cloud.

I Love Hue

This offline game is for those who love puzzle games with a great complicated concept. In I Love Hue as his name suggested that it will be something with colors, yes, it is. In this game, the player can test their perception of colors by exchanging chips and combining colors. It is a very light game and can be easily executed on low-configuration Android phones while consuming moderate system resources.

It has 300 levels, serenity soundtracks, games based on colors and a disconcerting environment.